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We hope that this material will answer some of your questions about Aberdeen Manor. We are a family owned and operated business and we take the responsibility of hosting your wedding and/or reception very seriously. Our wonderful staff is a part of our family as well, and they are all empowered to do whatever it takes to make your day as perfect as humanly possible. Please plan to come visit us soon, and we’ll go over everything together. We hope that you will find Aberdeen Manor to be a warm and friendly, welcoming place to visit. We understand that a wedding is a big expense, and we’ll try our best to help you through the rough parts. Be assured, it doesn't matter whether your budget is $2,000, $20,000 or $200,000; we will give your wedding the special, individualized attention that it deserves! Come visit us and see for yourself what Aberdeen Manor has to offer for your wedding!


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How much does it cost to have a wedding and/or reception at Aberdeen Manor? 

The answer to this is something that varies with each wedding. We tailor our services to each event, providing exactly what you need, so the pricing is also customized. Basically, there are four charges: the ballroom rental, the meal cost, the bar cost, and security. There is also an additional charge to have your ceremony on site. Sales tax and gratuity are applied to the appropriate charges.  We have Sample Invoices available so that you can see how the pricing breaks down.  And we are always up front about the final costs.  There is plenty of time between booking your date and the wedding day to make changes and add or subtract decor/lighting/food items.  If you love the 'Aberdeen Experience' but are worried about the costs, please ask about "Off-Season Discounts"

Our Gold Chivari Ballroom chairs come with the room! Shown here with optional lace chair ties!

What days are available for weddings? 

Aberdeen Manor is available any day of the week for a wedding! We have actually had weddings on every day of the week! There are, of course, significant discounts for weekdays, Monday through Thursday. On the East Coast, Thursday weddings are actually very common!

What is “included”? 

We try to make our pricing as “all inclusive” as possible. The rental fee for the ballroom includes: floor-length tablecloths, Gold Chiavari ballroom chairs, all the set up and clean up, plating and serving the wedding cake, cake plateaus, card boxes, and most importantly, the expertise of a wedding consultant to help you plan your Big Day, and to be there throughout day of the wedding, making sure that everything goes smoothly, from beginning to end.  

I am planning my wedding from out of town. How can you help me? 

Aberdeen Manor is perfect for out of towners. As wedding consultants, we can help you with all the aspects of your planning, referrals of competent vendors, ideas, options, and everything in one place for you. We are experts at email communication and have planned weddings with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, and all over the United States.

Is the cost different for having my wedding in the garden or chapel?

The cost for having a ceremony is the same whether you are having your ceremony in the garden, the chapel or anywhere else on site. This is because we devote the entire property to YOUR WEDDING. If you are planning a wedding in the garden, we hold the chapel available for you just in case the weather doesn't cooperate. If you have your wedding in the chapel, you have the garden and the beautiful lobby available for photos before and after. When you have your wedding at Aberdeen, the entire property is yours for that time. We never book another wedding, class reunion, bowling banquet, or anything else, on top of yours.

What is included with the ceremony rental fee?

If you have your wedding in the garden, the white folding chairs are included, as well as any set up and clean up. For a chapel wedding, we include pew bows and fabric aisle runners in both white and ivory, and neutral silk arrangements for the front table and on either side of the ceremony area. Rehearsal time is also included subject to availability, 4 pm or earlier.

Who officiates for a wedding?

Our chapel and garden are non-denominational. You are welcome to have any officiant that you choose. We have referrals for competent officiants available as well.

Who does the catering?

Our staff provides all of the catering. We have an excellent reputation and our meals are of the highest quality. We use fresh vegetables, top grade meats, and the finest ingredients available. Our rolls are freshly baked, our mashed potatoes are made from real potatoes! We work very hard to provide your guests with a meal that you would be proud to serve in your own home.

What does our meal include?

Dinners include a salad, with freshly baked rolls, and the entrée with your choice of vegetable and potato or rice. The wedding cake is generally served as dessert and we include plating and serving the wedding cake at no additional charge. We also offer pre-ceremony snacks, soup courses, desserts, hors d’oeuvres, sorbet courses, as well as LATE NIGHT SNACKS (like pizza and hot dogs or hamburgers about 10 p.m.)

Can we have choices of meals?

We generally limit choices to two entrees, (usually a beef entrée and a chicken entrée.) Most events also have a few children’s meals and vegetarian meals as well. If you decide to offer a choice, you will need to have a place for your guests to respond on their response card for the meal they want. You will also need to keep track of what entrée each of your guests have requested. As an alternative, we offer a “combo plate” where you can add a chicken breast to any other entrée for a very nominal amount. This eliminates all the bookkeeping because every guest receives both entrees on one plate.

Can you accommodate vegans/vegetarians, allergies?

Our chef has extensive experience in vegetarian cuisine and will make your vegetarian friends very happy! If the meal needs to be vegan, we can accommodate. We also are very careful with allergy meals and will make sure that your guest can eat their meal with confidence. Just let us know in advance about any food issues among your guests.

Do you have special meals for children?

Yes we do! These are generally designed for children 8 and under.  Options include Homemade Mac 'N Cheese, Chicken Fingers and fries and hot dogs.  All Children's meals include a "kid's salad" with fruit and jello. 

What are my choices for the bar?

The majority of our weddings go with the “house bar”. This includes seven choices of wine, four choices of beer ( 2 in each bar, on tap) and “house” brands of liquor for mixed drinks as well as all the sodas and mixers. The house brands are restaurant brands that are not readily recognized, but are perfectly acceptable for a mixed drink. This is a very complete bar, and most anything that can be mixed on the premium bar can be mixed on the house bar. Premium bars (name brand alcohol) are also available, as well as beer and wine, or soda / non-alcoholic bars.

What kind of decorations are available?

Personalized event decor is our specialty!!  We have hundreds of ways to customize your wedding day from Headtable and Ceiling Decor to Downlighting, Pin-Spotting and Candy tables!  If you have seen an amazing picture on Pinterest, then chances are we can make it happen on your day!  Bring your ideas to your next meeting or share them with us on FacebookInstagram or any of the wedding websites (The Knot - WeddingWire) @aberdeenmanor!

What is the minimum numbers of guests?

Rather than using a guest minimum, we use a dollar spending minimum which is based on everyone having a chicken dinner and house bar (roughly $42 per person). This way you are not penalized for having a smaller reception if you are offering a more elaborate meal and/or bar. The minimums vary with the day, Saturdays being the most, then Fridays, then Sundays.

How do I reserve my date at Aberdeen Manor?

In order to reserve your day, you need to sign our contract and pay the room rental fee as well as half of the ceremony fee if you are planning to have your ceremony on site.

When do we pay the rest of the balance?

The balance of your costs are paid a week before the wedding. Once you have a solid number of guests, we can make up an invoice for you so that you can make your payment. You can, of course, make payments toward your event at any time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your final payment, we require either cash or a cashier’s check. Personal checks cannot be accepted. If you are making payments well in advance of your event, or for your initial payment to book the room, we do accept personal checks. Credit Cards may be used for the initial reservation fee.

Do you offer discounts?

December through March, we offer significant breaks on both the room rental and ceremony charges as well as providing additional savings on select centerpieces (FREE!!). If you’re interested, we would love to tell you more--  Just ask about "Off-season discounts."

How can I come see Aberdeen Manor for myself?

There are two ways to do this. You can come and visit during our open hours which are 12 to 8 pm on Thursdays, and 12 to 5 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. During our open hours we take everyone on a first come, first served basis. This is a great time to visit because the Ballroom is nearly always set up for a wedding reception Thursday through Saturday.

If the walk-in times don’t work for you, we would be happy to make an appointment and show you all that we have to offer for your wedding and reception.  We also can make appointments at other times.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call us at (219) 465-7130, or you can email us at Just let us know when would be convenient for you to visit.  Feel free to bring your parents or maid of honor!

What will my visit involve?

When you come to visit us, we will give you a personal tour of our facilities, and a copy of all of our information. We will explain all of the material, go over the pricing, and of course check available dates and answer any questions. We can even make up a sample invoice, based on your choices, that will help you in your planning and budgeting. 

Can we visit more than once?

We understand that this is a huge decision for you and your families. You are welcome to visit as many times as you need. If you would like to bring parents or grandparents, wedding party members; whatever it takes to help you in your decision making. You are always welcome to visit, before and after you book your date. Stop in as much as you like to see the ballroom set up for a wedding and get inspired, or to ask questions about specific decor options!

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