where to begin planning a wedding

I Booked a Date, Now What!?!?

You did it!  You have booked your wedding venue and set a date.  That is the first step in wedding planning.  But now what...

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Try not to feel overwhelmed!  Wedding planning doesn't have to happen in a day.  It takes time and luckily there are a lot of good resources for you.  Start with your favorite's list.  These are all vendors that we work with regularly and the only reason that we recommend them is because they consistently do a great job.  

What to do after you pick a date-

1.  Start looking into photographers. 

Ask your friends what they liked/didn't like about their wedding photographer.  Look on Facebook, research websites of the photographers on the favorite's list.  See who has a style that matches what you are looking for.  After all, photography is an art!  

Most photographers only book one wedding per day, so you will want to get this person booked ASAP.

2.  Dress shopping

About one year before the wedding (or ASAP if you are planning in under one year), you will want to go dress shopping.  Some bridal stores require 6-9 months for standard shipping, so you will want to get your dress ordered quickly in order to avoid rush shipping fees.  Or better yet, find a dress that you can purchase off the rack!

3.  Find a ceremony location if it won't be held in the garden or chapel

4.  Makeup artist

Makeup artists are a lot like photographers and only book one wedding per day.  If you are planning on professional makeup then book this one relatively quickly.  

5.  Start pinning!

If you haven't started a wedding board pre-engagement then now is the time!  Start looking at wedding ideas, color schemes, what you like and don't like.  Having a visual is really helpful for your wedding planner, florist and cake baker.  If we can see exactly what you like then we can help make your vision come true.

6.  Relax and have fun

This is probably going to be the largest party you ever throw.  Don't forget to have fun, take care of yourself, and ask for help if needed.  Utilize your planner, we are here to help you!