From this day forward

Congratulations Corie and Brendan! It has been such a wonderful experience planning your wedding with the two of you. I hope your big day was everything you hoped for! 

A Classy Wonderland Affair!!

Ok so I have to admit that when Al and Sarah first told me, "We want to do an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding." I was a little skeptical, but we all agreed that "touches" of Alice could be a memorable and unique way to go. Flamingo table favors, clocks, teapots and cups for centerpieces, a bold color scheme, their invitation-which looked like an old locked tombe. Even their officiant, Louise Chickie-Wolfe got into the spirit with a ceremony that had many lighthearted references to Alice, including her running in at the beginning with a huge clock, saying "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" which set the tone and got the evening off to a wonderful start.
I think my favorite "touch" of the whole evening was that Sarah's Grandma Mary was the flower girl! And an excellent job she did too! It was darling!
Here are some photos of some of the highlights: