Aberdeen Manor

Megan + John


Megan and John were married here on June 17th!  They saw the ballroom for the first time just a couple of days before the wedding.  I asked Megan to share some insight on planning a wedding from out-of-state.  

How did you find Aberdeen Manor and decide to book your wedding site onseen?

I found Aberdeen Manor through two friends and my aunt and uncle are related to the head chef.  They were all able to tell me how great everything is and how easy it was planning a wedding here.

What was the hardest part of the planning process?

The hardest part about the planning process was how stressful everything is at first.  Like where to have it, how much can we afford, who should we invite?  Once you get a game plan and figure things out, it will all fall into place.

Very true!  You have to bite off small pieces at a time in order to not get overwhelmed!

What was your favorite part about planning?

My favorite part of planning was how easy it was that Megan was there to answer and help with any questions I had, no matter how small or how big of a problem I had.  The biggest issue was the day before the wedding we had to move our wedding from outdoors to indoors because the heat was so bad and Megan said it would be so easy.  We even got to have our dog still included in our ceremony!

Aww, thanks Megan!  Our goal is to make planning as stress-free as possible, so I'm glad that I was able to help!  

What was the best part of the wedding day?

Pretty much everything!  I haven't been to a lot of weddings but this by far was my favorite only because our dog got to be in our wedding and she is a huge part of our lives.

She was such a good girl too!


What is the biggest takeaway from the planning process?

Everything will work out no matter what happens just let it happen.  The week of my wedding everything went so smoothly just because I wasn't stressing.  I knew no one could control the weather or anything and I just rolled with the punches.  Also, always include your future spouse, I would pick out a handful of samples or ideas and then ask him for his input.  He and I would finalize everything together and it made it a whole lot easier.  I had no family around except him and it really meant a lot that he was there to help.  

What would you recommend to other brides planning from a distance?

I am a planner, and I had the knot app to help and it helped me plan everything out that I needed.  I even had everything planned way in advance.  The month of our wedding I made sure that I had enough time to deal with any last minute details and it worked out perfectly!

Such a great tip!  The Knot and Weddingwire both have great checklists to help with the planning and keep you on track.  

Thanks for sharing, Megan!  Here are a few more photos from their beautiful day!

Sensational Summer Weddings

Wow! I don't know about the rest of you but this summer was very fast paced for me. I had the honor of doing a number of gorgeous weddings (have I mentioned I love my job?!) and am now able to let YOU see them. Take a look at what we did around here...

Congratulations to all of these new Mr. & Mrs.!!

Mr. & Mrs. Zagrocki

Mackenzie and Alex were dreaming of a warm and sunny garden wedding, but mother nature had other plans! Luckily she was kind enough to hold off the rain so they could grab some outdoor photos AND have a balloon release following the ceremony. Everything turned out so beautifully, despite the rain. Take a look at their day...

The Wood Wedding

Having to play catch up with my wedding blogs! Daryl & Whitney's February "winter" wedding was incredibly warm for the time of year...much like the weather we've been experiencing lately. Although warm outside, the ceremony and reception still had a winter feeling. One of the centerpieces contained red marbles that resembled cranberries with a warmly lit burgundy colored candle and pinecones laid on the wood slabs, and the other was three cylinder vases with ivory floating candles, red marbles in the base and pinecones on the wood slabs. Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy!

From this day forward

Congratulations Corie and Brendan! It has been such a wonderful experience planning your wedding with the two of you. I hope your big day was everything you hoped for! 

November & December Newlyweds!

November was once again a busy month around here...and things didn't slow down in December either! Here are some pictures of the weddings that I had the pleasure of coordinating in November and December. I hope you enjoy!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jon Gasior!

Sometimes you just know... In Melissa & Jon's case, it was for each other & then for Aberdeen Manor. Planning to be married in the fall of 2016, they visited Aberdeen in January of 2015 and knew almost immediately that they would be having their wedding here. And for all of us at Aberdeen Manor, we are so happy they did! They are just one of those couples that you look forward to seeing every time you had an appointment with either one of them. I remember when I gave them the initial tour that Melissa had chosen orange and gray as their colors. I was thrilled! Orange is such a pretty color, especially in the fall, and paired with gray is beautiful; just take a look for yourself....

All You Need is Love!

What an absolutely gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple! Meet Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rominger.... Tim and Katie are sooo in love! It has been evident from the first time they walked through the doors of Aberdeen Manor. Watch them for just a few minutes and you'll see them smiling from ear to ear at each other. They have both completely respected the other ones ideas and opinions, and each had a "say" in how they wanted THEIR day to be. Well, I think they did a great job! The ballroom was beautifully set with light blue and ivory fresh flowers, touches of gold and pearls, and colonial blue chair sashes-- all to compliment the girls light blue dresses and the groom in his marine dress blues. It was beautifully put together.

Love and Laughter = Happily Ever After!

I have always believed that the couples who have fun together and laugh a lot are the couples that will make it in the marriage game.  Alexa and Justin, if that's true, will be together forever!  What a great couple!  We had such a good time at their planning meetings, and their wedding was such a reflection of their personalities and the fun they have together!
They met because of their mutual interest in music, and that element was used through their celebration from the guitar pics on the tables to the beautiful cake wrapped in music.  
Here are some photos of their evening:

Really cute little table numbers!!  With music backgrounds!

Beautiful floral centerpieces by House of Fabian on half of the tables.

A small head table for the bride and groom and their Maid of Honor and Best Man worked out beautifully!

Great looking cake from Chesterton Cake Shoppe!  The flowers were actually gum paste--so pretty!

Soooo cute!  A real guitar case for their "card box"  Lexa really got her crafty on for this wedding!!  :)

Love you guys!  Laugh your way through life--it's so much more fun that way!  All the best!

Adam & Amanda Bruns!

Best Day Ever!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Leazenby tied the knot!  The ceremony was held in the chapel with the reception following in the ballroom.  The colors were navy and gold with touches of pale pink in the flowers.

I loved the twist on the lanterns with the flowers coming out.  It was really unique and pretty.

It was clear that Danielle and Branton's faith is very important to them.  They had a traditional guest book but also had their guests highlight their favorite bible verses and leave a post it message next to it.  

Congratulations you two!  

A Beautiful Event for a Beautiful Couple!

There's nothing NOT to love about the new Mr. & Mrs. Myszkowski! Just watching the two look at each other, interact, dance, etc. just showed how much they are in love with each other.

Picture Book Perfect!

Today's wedding was absolutely beautiful!  The new Mr. & Mrs. Goodman chose ivory, gold and blush pink as their colors.  The bridesmaids for lovely lace light pink dresses and the groom & groomsmen wore classic black tuxes.  And the bride?  Well, see for yourself!  She looked gorgeous in her lace & tulle... 

Mr. and Mrs. Barriga!

Taylor and Bill had the most BEAUTIFUL day for their wedding! The weather was perfect and not a cloud was in the sky.

The ballroom was set with ivory and lace with touches of navy blue and purple.  

Blue is one of my favorite colors in this room.  It just looks so vibrant and pretty.

Their ceremony was performed by Dr. Louise Chickie-Wolfe.  Her ceremonies are so well done, personal, serious with a touch of humor and very, very heartfelt.  She puts a lot of effort into each ceremony and it definitely shows.  

Before the unity candle was lit, the bride and groom had their mothers each light four candles representing their life as a baby, child, teen and adult.  Louise added in anecdotes that the mothers had provided and it was really sweet and sentimental.  We did learn that the last two candles need to be tapers and NOT pillars.  It was comical when they tried to light the unity candle with the two pillars!  They improvised and used a taper candle together.  

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Barriga!  We wish you a life of love and happiness.

You plan every detail, buy the perfect dress, pick all the best vendors, but this is the moment that truly matters!

Congratulations Jessica & James Stemper!!!

Classy with a little bit of Star Wars

Stacy and Ryan are huge Star Wars fans and wanted to add some touches to their wedding day.  

Their cake was amazing!  Designer Desserts created the Death Star and it made such a great centerpiece.  It even had a light in it.  The bride walked into the chapel with her Dad dressed as Darth Vader.  I wasn't able to get a good photo of the two of them, but you can see him a bit in this photo.

The bridal party all walked in with lightsabers which the bride and groom walked through during introductions. 

This wedding was truly perfect for Stacy and Ryan.  They added their own touches which really personalized the day.  May the force be with you always!