Megan + John


Megan and John were married here on June 17th!  They saw the ballroom for the first time just a couple of days before the wedding.  I asked Megan to share some insight on planning a wedding from out-of-state.  

How did you find Aberdeen Manor and decide to book your wedding site onseen?

I found Aberdeen Manor through two friends and my aunt and uncle are related to the head chef.  They were all able to tell me how great everything is and how easy it was planning a wedding here.

What was the hardest part of the planning process?

The hardest part about the planning process was how stressful everything is at first.  Like where to have it, how much can we afford, who should we invite?  Once you get a game plan and figure things out, it will all fall into place.

Very true!  You have to bite off small pieces at a time in order to not get overwhelmed!

What was your favorite part about planning?

My favorite part of planning was how easy it was that Megan was there to answer and help with any questions I had, no matter how small or how big of a problem I had.  The biggest issue was the day before the wedding we had to move our wedding from outdoors to indoors because the heat was so bad and Megan said it would be so easy.  We even got to have our dog still included in our ceremony!

Aww, thanks Megan!  Our goal is to make planning as stress-free as possible, so I'm glad that I was able to help!  

What was the best part of the wedding day?

Pretty much everything!  I haven't been to a lot of weddings but this by far was my favorite only because our dog got to be in our wedding and she is a huge part of our lives.

She was such a good girl too!


What is the biggest takeaway from the planning process?

Everything will work out no matter what happens just let it happen.  The week of my wedding everything went so smoothly just because I wasn't stressing.  I knew no one could control the weather or anything and I just rolled with the punches.  Also, always include your future spouse, I would pick out a handful of samples or ideas and then ask him for his input.  He and I would finalize everything together and it made it a whole lot easier.  I had no family around except him and it really meant a lot that he was there to help.  

What would you recommend to other brides planning from a distance?

I am a planner, and I had the knot app to help and it helped me plan everything out that I needed.  I even had everything planned way in advance.  The month of our wedding I made sure that I had enough time to deal with any last minute details and it worked out perfectly!

Such a great tip!  The Knot and Weddingwire both have great checklists to help with the planning and keep you on track.  

Thanks for sharing, Megan!  Here are a few more photos from their beautiful day!

The Williamsons

It's amazing how quickly time passes!  I can't believe that it's been four months since my last blog post.  We have had so many beautiful weddings in that time frame!  I hate that I haven't shared them.  

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being the coordinator for Cassie and Dan.  We hit it off right from the start!  Our planning meetings were full of stories and laughter.  I feel like I really got to know them during the planning process, and them me. 

Cassie told me that she kept being asked if she was nervous leading up to the day of the wedding.  And her response was no because she fully trusted all of us to get everything done.  And THAT, is always our ultimate goal here.  We want your wedding to be as stress free as possible.  Let us worry about all the little details while you and your guests have a great time! 

These flowers on the chairs were gorgeous during the ceremony and then used as centerpieces at the reception! They were already in a vase of water, so we took them off and moved them inside. I love dual purpose flowers!

Congratulations to The Williamsons! #happilyeverwilliamson

I Booked a Date, Now What!?!?

You did it!  You have booked your wedding venue and set a date.  That is the first step in wedding planning.  But now what...

oprah gif.gif

Try not to feel overwhelmed!  Wedding planning doesn't have to happen in a day.  It takes time and luckily there are a lot of good resources for you.  Start with your favorite's list.  These are all vendors that we work with regularly and the only reason that we recommend them is because they consistently do a great job.  

What to do after you pick a date-

1.  Start looking into photographers. 

Ask your friends what they liked/didn't like about their wedding photographer.  Look on Facebook, research websites of the photographers on the favorite's list.  See who has a style that matches what you are looking for.  After all, photography is an art!  

Most photographers only book one wedding per day, so you will want to get this person booked ASAP.

2.  Dress shopping

About one year before the wedding (or ASAP if you are planning in under one year), you will want to go dress shopping.  Some bridal stores require 6-9 months for standard shipping, so you will want to get your dress ordered quickly in order to avoid rush shipping fees.  Or better yet, find a dress that you can purchase off the rack!

3.  Find a ceremony location if it won't be held in the garden or chapel

4.  Makeup artist

Makeup artists are a lot like photographers and only book one wedding per day.  If you are planning on professional makeup then book this one relatively quickly.  

5.  Start pinning!

If you haven't started a wedding board pre-engagement then now is the time!  Start looking at wedding ideas, color schemes, what you like and don't like.  Having a visual is really helpful for your wedding planner, florist and cake baker.  If we can see exactly what you like then we can help make your vision come true.

6.  Relax and have fun

This is probably going to be the largest party you ever throw.  Don't forget to have fun, take care of yourself, and ask for help if needed.  Utilize your planner, we are here to help you!

December 1, 2017

The new Mr. and Mrs. Wallace had a gorgeous December day for their wedding!  It was in the 50's during the day, but still had that warm and cozy feeling in the evening.  

Everything sparkled!  The table cloths, the centerpieces.  It was very pretty!  And all of the Christmas decor was up, so the feeling of the holidays was in the air!

Congratulations McKenzie and Jared!

Sensational Summer Weddings

Wow! I don't know about the rest of you but this summer was very fast paced for me. I had the honor of doing a number of gorgeous weddings (have I mentioned I love my job?!) and am now able to let YOU see them. Take a look at what we did around here...

Congratulations to all of these new Mr. & Mrs.!!

Wendy & Jeremy Zeha

The newest newlyweds!

I had the pleasure of helping plan two weddings over Memorial Day weekend.  The first one was for Mr. and Mrs. Aultman.  The flowers from Monarch were STUNNING!  

They drapped pearls on the crystal candelabras to incorporate both crystals and pearls.  There were pearls floating in the vases of the short flower arrangements as well.  They had menu cards at each place setting and a cake pop as a favor.  No one left those behind at the end of the evening!

What a party!  There were Greek dances that involved nearly the entire crowd.  Everyone had a good time.

The next wedding was on Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Ellingsen!  Tiffany, the bride, attended her sister's wedding here five years ago and then decided to have her own wedding with us as well!  Nothing makes us happier than families who come back to celebrate over and over!  

We were all a little concerned about the weather and we did get a few raindrops that day, but managed to have a garden wedding.  It was gorgeous!

The unity ceremony was very unique.  A rock was placed on each chair as the guests came in to the garden.  During the ceremony, the officiant asked everyone to hold their rocks tightly and pray over them while the bride, groom and parents shared a moment of prayer as well.  The couple then collected all of the rocks in baskets and placed them in a decorative container.  They will be kept at their house to remind them of their wedding day!

What a fun weekend!  Congratulations to our couples!

Mr. & Mrs. Leegwater

A "personal" favorite... Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gapinski

I love my career! I think I have one of the best in the wedding business (--and work for the best in the area). Getting to help others plan their wedding brings me much joy--but then there's some that are even MORE fun...and that's when I get to assist friends! This time it was personal. Mike & Tracy had a Friday afternoon ceremony at Calvary Church in Valpo with their reception immediately following at Aberdeen Manor Ballroom. The room was filled will lots of family & friends who were all thrilled for the newlyweds, and the joining of two wonderful families. Look at how pretty the room looked with the black and white decor and soft touches of pink details...

First Garden Wedding of 2017!

What an absolutely gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding!

Their unity ceremony was a love lock that was locked onto a Mr. and Mrs. board.  The lock does not have a key and will never be removed from this board.  Love locks have been popular in Europe for years and I love the idea of adding it to your wedding ceremony.  

The "Piano Man" send-off was a fitting end to a perfect evening!

The "Piano Man" send-off was a fitting end to a perfect evening!

The ballroom was beautiful with purple downlighting, crystals draping the wall behind the head table and the ceiling.  The centerpieces were beautiful and really popped under the pin lighting.

Congratulations to Lauren and Matt!  Many, many years of happiness to you both.  

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Irizarry

Josh & Mimi had a beautiful spring day to become husband and wife. They wed in the Aberdeen Manor Chapel where the girls wore pale peach gowns while the maid of honor was dressed in a pretty mint colored dress and the guys wore gray tuxes. Each centerpiece was intricately put together by the mother of the bride and, although each diffremt, they all adornded something regarding travel. One of my personal favorites of the decor was the bride's bouquet though. It was made up of paper flowers constructed by the bride's sister in law. So unique! Take a look at some of the pictures...

Gaby & Jason Williams

Can you say stunning?? There were so many little details that made Gaby and Jason's wedding so beautiful. From the gorgeous floral wreaths woven into our chandeliers, to the candle filled head table, there wasn't one inch of the ballroom that didn't blow me away! I was so happy to be a part of this day. Take a look! 


Mr. & Mrs. Zagrocki

Mackenzie and Alex were dreaming of a warm and sunny garden wedding, but mother nature had other plans! Luckily she was kind enough to hold off the rain so they could grab some outdoor photos AND have a balloon release following the ceremony. Everything turned out so beautifully, despite the rain. Take a look at their day...

The Wood Wedding

Having to play catch up with my wedding blogs! Daryl & Whitney's February "winter" wedding was incredibly warm for the time of year...much like the weather we've been experiencing lately. Although warm outside, the ceremony and reception still had a winter feeling. One of the centerpieces contained red marbles that resembled cranberries with a warmly lit burgundy colored candle and pinecones laid on the wood slabs, and the other was three cylinder vases with ivory floating candles, red marbles in the base and pinecones on the wood slabs. Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Mercado

Just look for yourself...these two are so in love! You can sense it in their eyes as they look at each other. I enjoyed every meeting that we had together; watching how they respected each others thoughts and opinions, and coming to agreement on what they wanted their wedding reception to look like. And I'd say it was stunning-- just like the bride! Okay, and the groom looked pretty handsome too. Their (very well done) choreographed "first dance" as husband and wife was a joy to watch as they graced the floor. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Mercado! This post is waaaay over due! The lovely couple was married back in February. My apologies for the delay

Spring Has Arrived!

What a BEAUTIFUL spring day for Lindsay and Darren!  The soft blush pink was the perfect accent to this spring day.  I just love how they paired it with navy and light blue.  The ballroom was stunning!

This ceiling decor incorporated all of the wedding touches- burlap, lace, crystals and candles.  It's so hard to capture the detail of the fabric in the photo.  It was really pretty!

They brought in the pretty little banner for the mantle.  It softened up the whole fireplace area.

We made the programs here in the bridal shop to match their invitations.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Blaylock!

From this day forward

Congratulations Corie and Brendan! It has been such a wonderful experience planning your wedding with the two of you. I hope your big day was everything you hoped for! 

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Conrick

Thank you for giving Aberdeen Manor a chance to be a part of your special day! It was truly a pleasure getting to know you both. Here's to a lifetime of happiness and laughter! 

The Ward's Winter Wedding

Heather and Ryan Ward said "I Do" on January 20, 2017. Their ceremony was held in the Aberdeen Chapel at 5 O'clock and was attended by many friends and family. After the ceremony concluded, the guests gathered outside to celebrate the newlyweds with night, and it looked beautiful! Everyone then proceeded to the ballroom by the luminaries guiding their way for an evening of dinner, dancing and delight!