Your wedding day will require hundreds of individual and very important decisions.  We are here to help you with as many as possible, but still your wedding day is an outward expression of your love and only you can know what shape that will take...  With that in mind, we want to help you where ever we can.  So relax, grab a glass of wine and take a look at all of the photos that we have collected.  If you like, you can open the Decor Form below and tell us which decor items that you are most interest in.   Of course, it will be emailed to your coordinator when you submit.  You can also click on each photo to see a larger view with a brief description of the decor options in that photo.  

We would also like to invite you to become an Aberdeen Bride on Facebook.  This is a community of past and future Aberdeen Brides who are more than willing to help with a question or help you to decide about whatever you might be stuck on or who would love to see some wedding photos!!  If you can't find an answer just let us know and we will make it happen and then tell everyone about how much fun it was doing it just for you!  Enjoy!     


Specialty Linens are the perfect way to highlight your wedding colors throughout the ballroom.  They are available for specific tables like the head table, placecard table, gift table or cake table or for every table in the room!  When you rent linens for every guest table you get the head, placecard, gift and cake tables for free.  Feel free to mix and match and get creative with the styles and textures!  

Ceiling Decor is a fantastic way to bring eye-catching style to your dance floor!  With many different options and the ability to personalize many of the designs, it is another way to get that personal feel into your special day!  Just bring a photo or any Pinterest idea and we will work with you to make sure that your ceiling decor is perfectly personalized to meet your style! 

Your head table is a seat of honor for the best friends in your life.  Whether you choose a sweetheart or a head table for 24, we will make sure that it is exactly what you envision when you picture your wedding day.  There are many styles to choose from:  Sweetheart, Serpentine, Large Oval, or Long Rectangle.  We can also do multiple tables, each with twinkle lights, if you prefer. 

Specialty lighting is one of our most popular decor options.  If you really want to make the ballroom match your chosen colors, then Downlighting is for you.  If you need a little bit more decorative lighting, our Premium Downlighting package includes matching lights in the lobby and outside in front of Aberdeen Manor!  The perfect way to invite your guests into your special event.


Choosing centerpieces for your wedding day can be a daunting task.  Do you want flowers or crystal, tall arrangements or short?  And how do you know what is going to look amazing on your guest tables?  That is why we help you every step of the way... You can come in and play with different vases and chargers and votives and vase fillers whenever you like. We also have a list of "favorite florists" that we provide so that you will know that your tablescapes will be everything that you have always dreamed.


The end result is always stunning!

Lisa helps a bride with centerpiece and color ideas.

Getting the 'true feel' in the ballroom with table settings and pin spotting!

Add flowers, pin spots and the head table decor and it is amazing!


We hope that this page will help you make some of the decor decisions for your Aberdeen Wedding.  If you have any questions or have some great ideas and want to get started call us or send us an email below.  Congratulations!!